Tracking Macros Got Me Into The Best Shape Of My Life!

Hi, my name’s Aaron, and I love making things simple!

I first discovered keto when I was a cyclist looking to avoid the ‘crash’ of carb depletion. At first, it was incredible - I felt great and had energy to burn. But only a fraction of the research on keto was around then and I made some big mistakes… one of which was not tracking my macros. So I soon gave up and went back to carbs.

Several months later, I took a second look at keto. Diabetes and thyroid issues plaguing my family was extra motivation for me to stay in shape, and keto looked like the perfect ‘insurance policy’ against the disease. But this time, I studied how it really worked. And when I tried it again, I lost 10% of my body fat just by tracking my macros the right way.

Years later, I still follow keto and am as healthy, fit, and lean as I’ve ever been… and have the energy to keep up with my baby girl!

Today, I’m an enthusiastic ketogenic food blogger and recipe developer that finds quick and simple keto meals suited for families (along with keto ‘comfort food’!). I also support my personal passion with professional expertise, being…

  • An Accredited Nutritional Therapist
  • A Dietary Supplements Advisor
  • An Advanced Sports Exercise Nutritional Advisor
  • A Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner

If you’re on keto and want to get the most from it, I can’t recommend tracking your macros enough!

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Introducing Master Your Macros: The Easiest Way To Break Through The Keto Plateau In Just 7 Days!

The proof is undeniable: tracking is the best way to smash past the plateau and hit your keto goals. But there’s also no denying that tracking is a major pain for most people when they first try it…

  • It’s easy to track the wrong way
  • It feels like an added stress on top of an already “complicated” diet
  • You forget to track meals (or sometimes track entire days)
  • You’re not sure which foods to use in the apps
  • Eating out is a tracking nightmare

I can personally vouch for each one of these! Over the years, I’ve committed every tracking mistake you can think of. That’s how I slowly developed the “Master Your Macros” system to make tracking as easy, painless, and quick as possible. Since mastering the art of macro tracking, I now only spend five minutes every WEEK on it.

Having seen how well Master Your Macros worked for myself and my clients, I want to share it with you! They all now enjoy keto without the stalls (or worse, weight reversals) while jumping the hurdles that most people—even “keto veterans”—often face with tracking.

What Master Your Macros Is

✔️An easy-to-follow macro tracking program to help you lose weight

✔️A new way for you to understand and appreciate the power of the keto diet

✔️Tools and resources to make tracking simple for you

What Master Your Macros Is Not

❌ A restrictive "only eat grass-fed or organic" list of foods (Tracking isn't about "no junk food" or rules like that)

A comprehensive "how to start keto from scratch" plan (You do need to know some keto basics for this)

A one-on-one sort of service (Learning yourself lets me give you a lot of value for very little)

What others are saying...

"I got paid the best compliment by my eldest son I've ever had! He said I'm in the best shape he's ever seen me and that I was "not bad of an old chook"! 🎉🎉🎉

- Flavia (Melbourne, AUS)

"Aaron is the MAN! Lost 18kgs as of last nights weigh in within 10 weeks. My biggest lesson was understanding how macros worked. I have been on every diet under the sun including calorie counting but there is a huge difference between calorie and macro counting. Get your macros right and it all happens! Thank you so much, Aaron".

- Jeff (Sydney, AUS)

How You Master Your Macros

The concept of macro tracking seems pretty simple until you try it yourself. Then it often ends up a confusing, frustrating waste of time that seems more trouble than it’s worth. With Master Your Macros, you cut through the messing around and get your macros, diet, and weight back the way you want them in just a few short weeks. Here’s how you do that...

  • Why macro tracking isn't the restrictive, "DON'T EAT THAT!" approach that some think it is (Video 1)
  • Meal plans vs Macros: the ultimate keto showdown! Which works better… and why (Video 2)
  • The 6 key principles to weight loss - macros aren’t necessarily the most important thing (Video 2)
  • How to fix a "messy" problem you can run into when starting keto (Video 3)
  • 3 different ways you can get your body fat percentage, and why 100% precision may not be that important anyway (Video 5)
  • How to “create” a recipe in your tracking - this can potentially save you hours if you eat certain meals regularly (Video6)
  • What to watch out for with protein if you’re a vegetarian (Video 7)
  • The big trap with tracking, and how to avoid getting stuck trying to finish the “macro puzzle” (Video8)
  • 13 principles of health that EVERYONE should follow, regardless of whether they follow keto (Video 9)
  • What the three levels of macro tracking accuracy are, and why if you don’t use the highest precision, you’re vulnerable to weight fluctuations and stalls (Video 10)
  • Why tracking macros are far more important than calories... and how your “macro mix” plays a huge part in keto success (Video 10)
  • How to signal your body to tap into stored fat instead of muscle to trigger body fat loss (Video Lesson 1)
  • Busting the "less carbs equals weight loss" myth (Video 11)
  • How you can instantly calculate the exact macros you need for any goal you set (Video 11)
  • What’s my tracking tool of choice, both when you start keto and as you become more experienced (Video 12)
  • An over-the-shoulder demo of how I personally track my macros (Video 13)
  • How to tackle the “nemesis” of macro tracking: ingredients and recipes with different foods in them (Video 14)
  • The "surprise" benefit to your diet when you start tracking macros (Video 14)
  • How to track your macros even if you're eating out at restaurants (Video 15)
  • The #1 "secret" to successful tracking… if you don't do this, it could send your diet crazy! (Video 16)
  • Why you should keep tracking your macros even if you go over your limits (Video 16)

The Complete Master Your Macros Kit

So you have everything you need to start tracking macros successfully from Day 1, you get these special bonuses without paying another dollar.

BONUS #1: Tracking Individual Foods and Recipes Walkthrough ($47 value)

One of the biggest tear-your-hair-out problems to macro tracking is working out how to include meals or recipes with different foods. This alone can be enough to have someone quit in frustration! But once you know how to do it, you’ll enjoy a great meal out or any fancy dish you whip up in the kitchen without skipping a beat in your tracking (or wasting hours figuring it out).

BONUS #2: Nutrition Calculation Template ($97 value)

Whenever I work 1-on-1 with clients, my mission is to often help them lose 10kgs in 8 weeks. To plot their weight loss trajectory, I use a tracking template that automatically calculates this based on what they plan to eat. When you get Master Your Macros, you also get this nutrition calculation template that shows you how much weight you’ll lose over an 8-week period, based on your eating.

BONUS #3: 5 Minute Meal Plan Cheat Sheet ($97 value)

It’s easy to say you want to be prepared with your diet, but life usually has other plans! Little things pop up and derail you despite good intentions. With this Cheat Sheet, you can have your entire weeks’ worth of eating mapped out in just 5 minutes.

BONUS #4: Private Group Membership ($197 value)

It took me several years to perfect my system of tracking, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find new ideas or tips regularly. And to make sure you stay up to date with everything I find around macro tracking, you’ll get access to the private Facebook group. I’ll be sharing bonus content in the group each week (both on macro tracking and other aspects of keto), and you’ll be the first to get it.

BONUS #5: Ask Me Anything Session (Priceless!)

Though Master Your Macros gives you everything to track your diet the right way, you might still have a burning question or two. Maybe it’s a question about keto you can’t find an answer for. Maybe there’s something slowing you down or holding you back. When you join, you get a free “Ask Me Anything” session with me to find those answers.

10kgs down during lockdown!

The 2020 lockdowns were unkind to waistlines...

...but one of my clients who started tracking during a lockdown defied the odds to actually LOSE weight! And it only took 8 weeks once she had worked out her macros.

Today, she still uses tracking to maintain a healthy weight, stay energised, and best of all, fit into her goal jeans!

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Questions People Ask Before Starting Master Your Macros

How much is Master Your Macros?

The course is usually priced at $350, but is currently 97% OFF! 😱

Will “Master Your Macros” work for me?

I’ve used the same tracking principles you’ll find in the course with over 100 clients and every single one of them have found success following them.

What if other people in my family aren’t keto? Will this still work for me?

Absolutely! In fact, cravings are my specialty. In the program, I’ll show you the ultimate method I use to ensure I don’t eat all my wife’s treats.

If I have to, can I get a refund?

Yes, you certainly can. I have a 7-day, 100% money back, “no questions asked” guarantee. Simply get in touch any time in the 7 days after you’ve bought and you’ll get a full refund.

Do I need specific foods or equipment to start?

Nope! In fact, I’ll help you get started with whatever you already have. You will need to download a free app to track your macros with, but other than that you’re ready to go right now!

How do I access Master Your Macros?

Every part of the program is online, so you’ll be able to access the videos and download the tools and templates immediately.

Is Master Your Macros too technical?

Though there’s obvious science behind macro tracking, you only need to know very little of it (which I’ll explain) to be able to successfully track your macros.